Experiential Eldercare Training and Education

Congratulations to Erin Levy and Cathy Burchard from Avantara in Park Ridge, IL for becoming our newest Compassionate Touch Coaches. 


Skilled Touch + Compassionate Presence = improved quality of life for the residents and employees at Avantara.  


"People still need touch as they age."


"We have to remember to slow down while providing care and offer Compassionate Touch during busy and stressful work days."

North Carolina Compassionate Touch Learners

"Anything we can do to make the residents have a better day is well worth it.  It was very relaxing to me, so I am sure the resident's will enjoy it."     



Compassionate Touch learner

"A very insightful and meaningful presentation. No matter how much you think you know about Dementia, this presentation opens the door to new awareness."

Gina O’Connor- President McHenry County Task Force on Aging

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